A Succumbing to Age Story is the second episode in Crash of the Titans and the second one to take place on Wumpa Island. It mainly consists of jungles and ancient ruins. The level is home to Snipes, Goars, and Ratnicians.


Not much story progression occurs in this episode. It begins with Crash and Aku Aku trekking through the jungle until they encounter a Goar. Using a Free Jack Shoe, Crash hi-jacks the Titan and uses it to fight other Titans. Soon they encounter a Snipe about to eat a baby fox and jack it as well, continuing onwards towards their destination.



Crash Of The Titans 2 - A Succumbing To Age Story09:22

Crash Of The Titans 2 - A Succumbing To Age Story


  • The name of this episode comes from term "a coming of age", which is a story archetype.

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