The Temple of Zoom is the fourth episode in Crash of the Titans and is the last episode to take place on Wumpa Island.


Crash and Aku Aku make their way through the Mojo Temple. They find Dr. Cortex on the roof. He reveals that he is pumping Mojo out of the temple, which he will then use to mutate animals. Uka Uka takes the mojo and Crash's sister, Coco, back to the lair and Cortex then orders his Yuktopus to fight Crash. Crash beats the Yuktopus and Cortex flees away on his airship.

When Cortex arrives back at his lair, Uka Uka is angry at his failure. Cortex brushes it off, saying that it is unimportant, but Uka Uka then replaces him with Nina. Cortex also breaks the Fourth Wall by saying his name is on the stationary.



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