Episode 5: The Emerald Pity

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Episode 5: The Emerald Pity
Minion Master: 20
Combo King: 15
Bonus stage: Kick in the Pants!
Previous episode Episode 4: The Temple of Zoom
Next episode Episode 6: Don't Eat the Yellow Brick Load

The Emerald Pity is the fifth level in Crash of the Titans and the first to take place in the Lumber Yard. It consists of a deserted wasteland presumably located near the desert, where Koo-alas are cutting down trees and sawing away at vegetation. The level is also home to the Rhinoroller, among other titans.


Crash and Aku Aku continue through the Wumpa Jungle until they find themselves in a desolate construction site owned by Tiny. After an encounter with a Rhinoroller, Crash slides on Aku Aku through a half-pipe full of sawblades and they continue through the site.



  • The episode's name is a pun of the location from the Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City.

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