Farmer Ernest's farm is a farm on N. Sanity Island in Crash Twinsanity, located on a cliff above a beach owned by Farmer Ernest.


The farm consists of a silo, a house, the barn, and wumpa trees.

The House

The house is brown and is built mainly out of wood. The roof of the house is made out of gray shingles. There is a small porch in front of the door with a rocking chair and two support beams.

The Silo

The silo is held up by four wooden legs. The silo is mainly made out of metal plates, but there seems to be no device for extracting crops from the silo.

The Barn

The barn is small and has doors on both sides of the building. The inside of the barn is very small and contains six haystacks.

Wumpa Trees

The wumpa trees grow after Crash body slams fifteen worms in thirty seconds. If Crash fails to do so, he must try again.


  • The Whack-a-Cortex glitch can be performed here.
  • This is the only location in the game to have a minigame based on its plants.
  • Pigs were going to make an appearance but were cut.