Concept art of Fasty found on Crash Mania.

Fasty is a cut character from Crash Team Racing, though not much is known about him. Some people who have the Japanese NTSC version of the game have said that when using the CD on a PC, they found a character named Fasty in the data of the game; he is protected by Uka Uka, has a golden car, and is an unlockable character in the Purple Gem Cup.

No one knows why Naughty Dog cancelled his creation. Some say that it is because he was planned to be the sixth boss, but because the game only has 5 areas, he had to be scrapped. Also, it has been said that it is because the unlockable character in the Purple Gem Cup, Fake Crash, took over the position from Fasty.


  • Fasty's name is a pun of Fast.
  • On the Charles Zembillas (the character concept artist of the Naughty Dog games and Crash Nitro Kart) website, the picture of Fasty is labelled as Trippo, implying that it was his original name.