Fenomena is the third planet in Crash Nitro Kart. It represents a desert with castles, metallic and wooden areas, and clocks all over the place, as well as some statues and sky-high zones. The planet is almost completely time-oriented, as it has Medieval, Prehistoric, and Modern architecture all in one place. The boss of the planet is Norm and the race against him takes place in Out of Time, as shown by the fact that the level's clock is seen.

Fenomena looks similar to Transylvania and Mongolia, due to its medieval-style architecture. The hub world has a similar appearance to Out of Time but the differences are a metal section in the sky, there is a wooden platform, as well as roads, and there are fewer clocks and more statues. The hub world is definitely the smallest of all the planets, and it's far away from Out of Time, Clockwork Wumpa, and Desert Storm, which are located in different areas of the planet, with the hub world at the center and the tracks on the far perimeter, with no links. Thunder Struck is high in the sky.



  • The planet name is a pun on the word "phenomena".
    • It is also the Indonesian word for "phenomena".

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