Cortex about to throw a Fireguy.

Fireguy is an item in Crash Tag Team Racing It is a small but destructible ball of fire with two eyes and a visible mouth. Upon being thrown, it will let out a high pitch yell and target the racer in first place. Even when being thrown it is very deadly because of the trail of fire it causes.


Even though the Fireguy is fast and powerful for a single shooter weapon, it has its flaws, like for example, if you have a single shooter weapon such as a chicken, monkey dynamite, etc. and throw it back right before the Fireguy hits you, it will stop the Fireguy from causing damage to your car, and it will also destroy the Fireguy in the process. The Fireguy can also be avoided by declashing just before they hit.


  • The Fireguy bares some similarities to the Fryguy from Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • It is similar to the Spiny Shell from the Mario Kart series, the Warp Orb as seen in Crash Team Racing and the Tornado Top in Crash Nitro Kart, as they all target the racer in 1st place, and can all hit other racers.

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