Fists Of Orange Fury is the sixteenth cutscene in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. Crash and Aku Aku finally arrive on the space head and find Dr. Cortex. Once they've arrived, Cortex is once again furious at the fact that Crash and Aku Aku are about to thwart his plans to dominate the earth, so Aku Aku offers Cortex one last chance to surrender. But Cortex reluctantly refuses to give up and threatens to defeat Crash with his "bare hands". He then rips off his labcoat and strikes a fighting pose.

Seeing how deformed Cortex's body looks, Crash laughs uncontrollably while Aku Aku mocks him, but Cortex still has the determination to win. Aku Aku insists that Crash gets the fight over with so they can leave. But before the fight begins Cortex reveals that he was going to ingest N. Brio's mutagen to "even the odds". Afterwards he begins to transform into a hulking, yellow giant. Crash and Aku Aku get ready for battle as the events of universe begin to change (with a few random effects). Cortex roars angrily and the fight begins.


Crash Mind Over Mutany - Cutscene02:16

Crash Mind Over Mutany - Cutscene


  • This cutscene's animation style was heavily based off the anime/manga Dragonball Z with influences such as the hair, body, and characteristics.
    • The cutscene directly after the battle this one precedes also has this animation style.
  • When Cortex mentioned some of the hobbies Crash and Aku Aku should be occupied with, one of them just so happens to be an actual hobby of his henchmen Dingodile. This could be a reference to him or most likely just a coincidence.
  • Cortex almost completely reveals the taste of the mutagen quoting that it tastes like "peppermint barf, with a hint of-" before being stopped by the transformation.
  • The cutscene's name is a reference to the 1971 Hong Kong martial arts film The Big Boss, which was released in America under the title Fists of Fury.

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