Originally, instead of collecting individual Wumpa Fruit, Crash would collect different fruit which would be worth different values. A pineapple appears in a very early image of the

The pineapple.

game along with two other fruits.

According to the concept sheet by David Siller, coconuts were worth one, mangoes were worth two, strawberries were worth three, limes were worth four and pineapples were worth five. Presumably, gaining one hundred on the tally would give Willy a 1-up, similar to how Crash gets a 1-up after collecting one hundred Wumpa Fruit.

These are still left in the game and can be retrieved, but they are majorly incomplete:

  • Limes, lemons and coconuts are all worth 1 fruit.
  • Mangos and strawberries are worth 2 fruit.
  • Pineapples and grapes are worth 3 fruit.
  • The Yin Yang Yuk item is incomplete, and instead just gives 1 fruit.