A Gem shard is a collectable in Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced. They are parts of colored gems that have been split into four parts. Each gem shard can be found in one of the Arabian, Egyptian, or volcanic levels. Green gem shards are be found in Arabian levels, red shards are be found in Egyptian levels, and blue shards are found in volcanic island levels. Once all four gem shards of a certain color have been collected, a new level is unlocked. However, to access these new levels (101 Arabian Kites, Fire Walker, and Wild Nile Ride), the player must have defeated N. Trance, because they are located in the fifth warp room. Each of these three levels contains a colored gem, of the same color as the shards used to unlock the level. All three colored gems (and therefore all of the shards as well) are needed to unlock the N. Tropy boss fight.


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