"Huge powerful jaws, terrible breath and unstoppable power."

The Goar is a titan that appears in the game Crash of the Titans. The Goar first found enrages and destroys everything in sight. The Goar only appeared in a few chapters in the whole game and during a few mojo rooms. The Goar is the second Titan to appear and the first large group Titan to appear. They will not hit Crash if Crash is between their legs, as their light attack does not hit there and that is the only attack they will try to use.


The Goar is a large, quadrupedal Titan that appears in the forest of Wumpa Island. Goar has red brownish fur and has four giant tusks to attack its prey. Goar sometimes throw tantrums and uproots trees for no reason. A single roar from Goar could stop even the mighty Yuktopus. Goar has four huge claws in the front legs and three claws in the rear legs. Goar is one of the largest Titans in Wumpa Island. Goar is a mix between grizzly bear and possibly wooly mammoths.



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