The Goat King is a character from the unreleased Crash Bandicoot: Evolution, a game which was made into Crash Twinsanity.

Crash Evolution

In Crash Bandicoot Evolution, the Goat King is from the Hanging City.


The Goat King would be wearing a skirt with a skull as a belt. He has a 6-pack abs on his chest and a large chest. His face has multiple horns on it and two large horns above his ears. Two small horns are near his chin. His mouth would be huge and have large teeth. His feet mysteriously look like a wooly mammoth's with two toenails. He has a mane and a small tuft of hair in between his chest and abs. His arms have big muscles and his hands would have 3 large fingers on them. He also has a small tail with a small ball of fur on the end.

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