Greyscale Ants are a cut variant of ants in Crash Twinsanity. They appear in concept art in the early greyscale 10th Dimension  and were going to be planning an attack on Crash Bandicoot and maybe Neo Cortex. It was however cut from the final version,but there was originally going to be a 10th Dimension level where the whole dimension and everything lost it's color,and only Crash is colored there. Crash and Aku Aku would met two Ants,who wanted some 'help' to get back their colours.Crash must complete multiple tasks to gain back the Dimension's color and the Ants',too. After he done all,the Ants would attack Crash,then he had to defeat them.


They only would appear in Crash Twinsanity,but later got removed.

Their appearance is not much slightly different to the Jetpack-Ants,as they weren't fully scrapped,they got remodeled. As seen on their backs,there are Jetpack-like things which would make them fly. Their arms were normal,but the Jetpack-Ants' weren't so they have gained an Arm-Blaster. As seen on the picture,they are the same minions of the Evil Twins,preparing to maybe attack Crash or deal the 'Color getting' plan.

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