"Now click your heels three times and repeat after me: I do believe in the stinking beauty. I do believe in the stinking beauty. I do!"
Willie Wumpa Cheeks's commentary on Happily Ever Faster

Happily Ever Faster is a fairy tale-like world and the second hub in Von Clutch's MotorWorld. Like all of the areas in the game (except the Midway), there is a jump pad (which requires 10 Power Crystals to activate) with a Power Gem to unlock a new place in MotorWorld. It has three tracks. Once Upon a Tire is located near a large castle, Track and the Beanstalk is found on a ledge above the entrance area, Evilocity is located high up near the top of the castle, and the Hardly Ever Land Stunt arena is located on the evil side of the level.


  • Collect 3 sets of Eggs and return them to Stew in exchange for a new vehicle.
  • Retrieve Pasadena O'Possum's Starter from the evil side of Happily Ever Faster.
  • Find Coco her Power Modulator, which is hinted to be "in a high place".


Race Tracks

Race Rewards

  • 1st: 550 (25% bonus: 688, 50% bonus: 825) + 2 Power Crystals
  • 2nd: 350 (25% bonus: 438, 50% bonus: 525)
  • 3rd: 275 (25% bonus: 344, 50% bonus: 412)
  • 4th: 125 (25% bonus: 156, 50% bonus: 188)
  • 5th: 100 (25% bonus: 125, 50% bonus: 150)
  • 6th: 75 (25% bonus: 94, 50% bonus: 113)
  • 7th: 50 (25% bonus: 63, 50% bonus: 75)
  • 8th: 25 (25% bonus: 31, 50% bonus: 38)


  • Gold: 350 (25% bonus: 438, 50% bonus: 525) + 1 Power Crystal
  • Silver: 250 (25% bonus: 313, 50% bonus: 375)
  • Bronze: 175 (25% bonus: 219, 50% bonus: 263)
  • Finish: 55
  • New Record: 250



  • The name is a play of the phrase "Happily Ever After".
  • One of the cutscenes shows Crash giving one of the workers a poison apple, a reference to the fairy tale Snow White.
  • Little Bo Peep makes a cameo in a play at the entrance/exit in a puppet show.
  • The beanstalk is seen attached to a tower.
  • The dragon bears a resemblance to Dragon from Shrek and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.
    • It has been rumored that the dragon statue on the evil side of Happily Ever Faster is Spyro.
  • 2 cauldrons are found in this area, one resembles Baba Yaga's in the Evil Part, and the other from Ratatouille.

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