Wow! Third island, you've beaten the muscle mountain Koala Kong! Hurry, Tawna needs your help!
- Level description

Heavy Machinery (きかいか けいかく lit. Mechanization Plan in Japanese) is the eighteenth level (including boss fights) in Crash Bandicoot and the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remaster of the first game and is the first level of Cortex Island, as well as the first level of the Cortex Power Refinery side. It features both a Tawna bonus round and an N. Brio bonus round. It has a secret area where Crash can jump down a gap guarded by two robots near the start of the level.

Heavy Machinery was one of the two playable levels in the PlayStation Experience 2016 demo of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the other being N. Sanity Beach.

Level Description

The level is a welcome start to the heavily industrialized Cortex Island compared to the other islands. As the name hints, Heavy Machinery is situated inside a large factory with many mechanisms such as boiling pipes (which can burn Crash) and cold pipes, conveyor belts, and spring platforms, overseen by various robots working for Cortex. One robot crawls along the floor while another spiked robot floats in the air. There are also Hologram Probes watching the bandicoot. Toxic waste can be seen in drain pipes on the wall in the background.

Types of crates

Hazard Count

Stage parameters

  • Aku Aku Crates: 3
  • TNT Crates: 1
  • Other Crates: 29
  • Tawna Bonus Round Crates: 19
  • Brio Bonus Round Crates: 30
  • Cortex Bonus Round Crates: None.
  • Total Crates: 82



This corresponds to a save file at this level (45%, 0 keys, 6 gems).


This corresponds to a save file at this level (51%, 1 key, 8 gems).



Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version


  • This is the first level in the series to feature robots.
  • During development of the game, this level was the first successful one with the second being Generator Room.
  • In the prototype, Heavy Machinery is the second level of the third island instead of Cortex Power. Also, the hologram probes had not yet been finished and appear as floating orbs. They will still harm Crash if he touches them. The probes also appear like this in Generator Room.
  • In the prototype, the gap that Crash can fall down into a hidden part of the level acts as a shortcut through the level. The shortcut takes Crash up to the point where he acquires the third Tawna bonus mug. The section where the third Tawna mug is located originally extended leftwards, containing steam vents and a pile of crates at the end, which where this Tawna mug was initially placed.
  • In the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the first checkpoint has been relocated to the bottom of the first platform drop.
  • On the original version, the steam vent would use the "burn crash into ashes" death animation, in the N. Sane Trilogy it's replaced with the angel death animation.