High Seas Hi-Jinks (うみのうえのおおさわぎ lit. Fuss on the Sea in Japanese) is the eighth stage in Crash Twinsanity and the final level in the Iceberg Lab. This level features two boss battles and a chase level that takes place between them. It is opened up once players complete Slip Slide Icecapades. Only Crash is played in this level (because Cortex goes to the Psychetron to get things prepared for the flight to Academy of Evil).


First Cutscene

  • N. Gin saw Crash Bandicoot into his battleship and he exclaims "Oooooohhhh!", He pulls the lever and walks away.

Second Cutscene

  • N. Gin's crow's nest falls apart.
  • Crash falls into corridor on the battleship.
  • Rusty Walrus breaks down a door.
  • Rusty Walrus says "Ah, you'll make fresh meat for my pot!".

Third Cutscene

  • Crash leaves battleship onto a small island full of TNT crates.
  • N. Gin lands head first onto a TNT crate.
  • TNT counts down.
  • Colossal explosion makes the ship to sink and tosses Crash to N. Tropy and N. Brio on an single iceberg, leading to the second boss battle in the level.

 Deleted Cutscene

There was a deleted cutscene of Crash and Cortex going to N.Giin's battleship instead of Crash leaving Cortex in the snow. You can watch the video here and the script can also be seen in the concept art.

  • Cortex changes into Coco's outfit.
  • Crash and Cortex walk to N.Gin's ship and Cortex says "I thought it best that I came in disguise. We... don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention"
  • N.Gin wolf whistles and says "Now that's my kind of woman!"
  • When Crash and Cortex enter N.Gin's battle ship... N. Gin swings down and grabs disguised Cortex. Cortex's wig almost falls off and then N.Gin ties him to a pole and without him looking he says... "Ahoy, my golden siren of the deep! I shall shower you with pearls, AND MAKE YOU, MY SEA BRIDE!" *Giggles*
  • Cortex immediately giggles like a girl.
  • "WUH! Dr. Cortex?! How confusing...."


In this level, Crash is entering N. Gin's battleship to get a much needed crystal. At the end there is a boss battle with N. Gin, a chase with Rusty, and another boss battle with N. Brio and N. Tropy.




Pitfalls appear in many of the rooms. If Crash falls in one, he will instantly die regardless of how many Aku-Aku masks he has. Due to certain glitches/bugs in the pits, the player can lose two lives at once.

Nitro Crates

Nitro Crates are placed in certain areas of the level, and usually need to be blown up with a Detonator Crate or a Rat.

TNT Crates

It is interesting to note that there are two different types of TNT in this level: 1: The normal TNT Crates that have a three second timer set off when jumped on. When caught in the explosion, the player will lose a life regardless of how many Aku-Akus they have. 2: These TNTs are encountered only in the N. Gin boss fight. The differences being: their timer sets off when they touch the ground, they don't explode if they are hit, and they don't kill Crash if he has an Aku-Aku.Furthermore, their explosion also looks different. They are thrown by N. Gin during his boss.


On the crows nest where N. Gin is fought, there are spikes which harm Crash if he jumps on them or touches them. They can be stood on if the player jumps on them in the right place.

Barrel Throwing Rhino

This rhino throws barrels at Crash. He can be defeated but coming into contact with him will harm Crash. Getting too close will also make him punch Crash.


These barrels are thrown by a Rhino (mentioned above) and bounce on a set of large stairs. Touching them will hurt Crash.

Swinging Rhino

Swinging Rhinos appear after Crash enters N. Gin's Battleship and swing over tilting platforms and attempt to knock Crash off. They cannot be defeated.


Water appears outside of the battleship and in one room of it. If Crash falls into the water, he will drown and lose a life regardless of how many Aku-Aku masks he has.


These are used as projectiles during N. Gin's fight. Touching them will harm Crash and knock him off N. Gin's crows nest if he is in the right position with an Aku-Aku.


Rats are common enemies while on the ship. Some can be jumped on or slammed, while others will harm the player if they do so. They can be defeated in one hit.

Rusty Walrus

Rusty Walrus, the ship's cook, pursues Crash after the defeat of N. Gin in his boss fight. Like most other chase scenes in the games, touching him will kill Crash instantly.


  • High Seas Hi-Jinks is connected to the Iceberg Lab via a cave near Dingodile's shack.
  • This and Totem Hokum are the only levels that use classical songs, during the Walrus Chase (Hebrides Overture).
  • N. Brio and N. Tropy's boss fight is actually called "Henchmania".
  • N. Gin and N. Brio had their mugshots cut from their respective bosses.
  • N. Gin is commonly referred to as a mini-boss.
  • This level had multiple cut enemies including platypus and snake pirates.
  • The obstacles in the water room in N. Gin's Battleship are reminiscent to Slippery Climb.


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