Hog Ride (こうやの キメキメハイウェイ lit. Warm Highway in the Wilderness in Japanese) is the eighth level and is the third level of the second warp room in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped and its HD remake, N. Sane Trilogy. This is the first of four motorcycle stages in the game, and it sees Crash racing against Cortex's lab assistant minions on a 1950s-era highway somewhere in the glamorous Southwest America. The fabulous trophy for finishing in first place ahead of Crash's six hot-rodding foes is a pretty Crystal, though to succeed the player will have to stay on the road and successfully navigate around parked police cars, construction barricades, and a bottomless pit at the end. It is vital, especially in attempts for the relics offered in the level, to utilize the few turbo pads sprinkled along the route and to maintain the resultant turbo-charged wheelie as long as possible.

It should be noted that because this level is specially scripted for Crash only, it is one of the levels that Coco is not allowed to visit, also barring her from Road Crash, Orange Asphalt, and Area 51?.

Types of crates

Hazard Count

Stage Parameters


  • The time trial is easier if you wait about a minute for all the hot rod Lab Assistants to pass so they won't be blocking your way. After about a minute start doing the time trial as normal.




  • In the PAL and NTSC-J version of the original game, after fully completing the game, Fake Crash can be spotted on the left side of the road, doing a mediocre version of Crash's own dance.
    • However, in N. Sane Trilogy Fake Crash can be spotted in all versions of game.
  • All four motorbike levels take place at a different time of the day - midday for this stage, sunset for Orange Asphalt, late night for Road Crash, and overnight for Area 51?.
  • This level's name could be a reference to the level Hog Wild from the original Crash Bandicoot.
  • Hog Ride's box counter has the smallest number of crates in the entire series (13). Bye Bye Blimps and Mad Bombers contain even fewer crates (11 for both), but neither level has a box hologram since they don't have a level exit either. Eggipus Rex has no crates and therefore, no box counter.
  • This is the only motorcycle level for which the developer time does not belong to Shawn Dobbins.
  • In all of the motorcycle levels, there are easter egg references to Dingodile (Dingo's Diner), N. Tropy (N. Tropy Oil), N. Gin (N. GIN Gas), and N. Cortex (Sheriff Neo Cortex and Re-elect Mayor Neo Cortex signs).