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Hyper Spaceway
Hyperspaceway 1
Game: Crash Nitro Kart
World: Velo's Vault
Boss Race: Velo

Time Crates: 58
Relic Times: (Console version)
Sapphire: 4:00:00
Gold: 3:45:00
Platinum: 3:30:00
Ghost Times: (Console version)
N. Tropy: 4:58:93
Velo: 4:29:41
Previous Race: Electron Avenue

Hyper Spaceway (ギャラクシーハイウェイ lit. Galaxy Highway in Japanese) is the last race track in Crash Nitro Kart and is Emperor Velo XXVII's home track. It is a track that features only a relic race. To unlock it the player must win all the gems from the Gem Cups and to race Velo the player must win all the boss keys.

It is the longest track in the game and one of the longest tracks in the Crash racing series. It is also one of the hardest tracks in the game, partly due to there being no map shown for this race when racing in it. Because of this, it can be quite challenging to find the shortcuts in this track as they are all well obscured.

Race Track

Racers start out in a room underneath Velo's Citadel, then they go through a warp hole and end up at a different angle underneath the Citadel. They then go through another blue warp hole, twist around the track, and past speed bursts which are guarded by fire breathing statues. Then they fall down "steps", over lasers, through another blue warp hole, and through a figure eight onto a clear tube in space with electric barriers. Velo's Citadel can be seen in the distance. The outside of the Citadel is Velo's head and then the racers go through another warp hole, back underneath the citadel, and towards the finish line.


  • Due to the track's complex design, there is no map shown for this stage when racing in it. However, there is a map shown before choosing this track in a mode other than adventure.
  • Falling off the track just before the first portal will make the racer be carried back onto the track ahead of the other racers.
  • The sapphire and gold relic times are longer than any relic times in the entire series (platforming and racing games). The platinum relic time is shorter than the sapphire relic time in Tiny Arena and equal to the sapphire relic time in That Sinking Feeling, but is otherwise also longer than every other relic time in the series.
  • Similar to Electron Avenue, this track bears little to no visual resemblance to any of the race tracks from Crash Team Racing.

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