I'm Not Your Buddy Guy is the fourteenth cutscene in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. In it, Uka Uka is getting his dark mojo "milked" from him by Dr. Cortex. Dr. Cortex watches it on a TV screen whilst giving orders to Grimlies. He also gives Uka Uka cake because he thinks it is mean as he will never be able to eat cake again.


Crash Mind Over Mutant - CutsceneIm Not Your Buddy Guy02:09

Crash Mind Over Mutant - CutsceneIm Not Your Buddy Guy


  • The animation in this cutscene looks much like that of South Park. The title is also a reference to the show. This makes the cutscene the first to be based off of South Park, the second being I'm Not Your Guy Friend.
  • This is the first time Grimlies are seen in the game.

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