10th dimension
Dimensional Lab

Cutscene of the team travelling to 10th Dimension.

The Iceberg Lab is the Tenth Dimensional counterpart of Cortex's icy lair. It is only seen in Crash Twinsanity, where it is the first area in the Tenth Dimension. The large mountain in the center is now replaced by a large volcano. There is no snow covering the iceberg, and no lair present on the iceberg, but there are large fans and spherical energy domes, meaning that this possibly could have been the lab of Good Cortex. There would have been a Tenth Dimensional Capu Capu at the base of the Iceberg Lab that would take Crash back to his dimension.


  • There is a glitch where players can explore the ground level by going on one of the lab's legs and slowly going down to the ground. Crash can walk on certain parts of the water and there is a trail of Wumpa Fruit leading down to where the boat would be in the normal Iceberg Lab. Some parts of the water can be walked on.
  • Despite this being the Tenth Dimension version of Cortex's lab, it still connects to N. Sanity Island's Tenth Dimension counterpart, Twinsanity Island; however, Cortex's lab is much further away from N. Sanity Island.
  • Once in the Tenth Dimension Iceberg Lab, the player can not return to the normal dimension until they complete Ant Agony and the final boss even if they have done so before.

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