This a list of the locations of Gems in Jungle Bungle.

Yellow Gem

To earn the gem, you must roll a Bomb onto the Tiki's tongue right in front of Crash's House, this will destroy the lower part of the Tiki so you can roll a Haystack onto its Tongue to get the gem at the top.

Clear Gem

This gem is hidden, so go to the left in the area with the Tribesmen (where you first learned to slide) You'll be in an area with Spiked Tikis that require being shortened. Jump (not slam) on the cannon's button to make bombs appear that will give you time to roll them in the Tiki's mouths. To shorten the Tiki behind the log, slide while rolling a bomb to make it jump across and reach the Tiki to blow up. After shortening all the Tikis, go to the ledge that's next to the cannon and platform your way to the gem.

Purple Gem

This gem is located in the same place as the previous gem, so in the area up ahead you will see a beach, go to and turn to the right to find a medal arrow crate with the Gem above it.

Green Gem

In the area where you first slam a Worm, don't slam it, but hop on it and hop back, and you should land on a column with the gem.

Red Gem

This one is hidden in the same area as the previous gem, but if you look a bit closer, there's an opening, that leads a line of Nitro over a line of Bounce Crates, with Medal Crates above all of them, with a TNT for Detenation, so hop on it and destroy the Nitro and the Medal Crates will keep Bouncing, so hop on the last and this one will lift you up to the Red Gem and some Crates.

Blue Gem

Once you've Body Slammed the Worm, you will see a Blue Gem on a low Column, so hop on the Worm and hop onto it to obtain the Gem.

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