This is a glitch at the end of Jungle Rumble in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex that enables Crash to play underwater in the river at the end of the level.

Doing the glitch

This glitch will require the use of the Double Jump. First, Crash must double jump into the lake on the right side, then he will be fully underwater without drowning. Crash can then go to the other side of the lake, and this will allow Crash to go around the lake. If you try going to the deepest part on the right side with Aku Aku, Crash will lose him and start flashing instead of drowning as if he was hit by an enemy or a hazard. If all Aku Aku masks are lost and if this is repeated, Crash will drown and lose a life.

There are two precautions the player must avoid; if Crash is on the right side and is up to his head in water or less and ducks, he will lose an Aku Aku or drown. The second is if the player wants to play in the water instead of going along the banks; he or she must double jump every time landing in the water.


  • This can also be done with the first river at the beginning with going underwater, but Crash can easily slide to the bottom and instantly drown.

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