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Junia's Father is Junia's unnamed father from Dansu! De Jump! Na Daibouken. He is an anthropomorphic spiked turtle with a mustache and bushy eyebrows. He is based off of the turtle enemies from Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.


Junia's Father lives in the Star Shell House with his daughter on N. Sanity Island. When he found a power stone, he became so obsessed with it that he payed little to no attention to Junia. He spends most of his days polishing the stone and taking it with him everywhere he goes, even to the bath tub. He is very protective of the power stone and constantly tells Junia to not touch it; even if a fly lands on it he'll swat it to death. When Crash disguises himself as Junia, he is fooled and thinks it really is Junia. He soon realizes that it's not his daughter when Crash rips off the disguise in anger from failing to grab the power stone numerous times and throws it into a pit. Junia catches it and almost falls into the pit before Crash manages to catch her. When he hears Junia saying that she won't let go of the power stone because it would make her father sad, he soon realizes that the stone means nothing to him and tells Junia to let it go. He soon tells Junia that if he lost her, he would be very sad.


  • The obsession that Junia's father experienced bears resemblance to the state of Crystal Crazy, even though Crystal Crazy was not thought of at this time.

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