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Crashmom junkyard1 textured-1-
Greater Location Wumpa Island
Current Ruler Doctor Nitrus Brio (former)
Inhabitants Sludges and Doom Monkeys
First Appearance Crash: Mind Over Mutant
Latest Appearance Crash: Mind Over Mutant

The Junkyard is a location in Crash: Mind Over Mutant, accessed through the desert. It is a large area inhabited by Sludges, Doom Monkeys, and strange flying bug-like vacuums all hunting down Crash on his mission to stop Doctor Cortex. Here, the remains of Doctor N. Gin's weapons/munitions factory act as the base of operations behind N. Brio's schemes and at the end of the level there is room with a wall of fire, two buzz saws on the upper left and right hand corner, and a conveyer belt that's producing large TNT crates. This is where the boss battle between N. Brio and Crunch takes place. Just like the non-brainwashed creatures of the Ratcicle Kingdom and the Wasteland, there are also non-brainwashed Sludges who were being terrorized by the other local Sludges and it was up to Crash and Aku Aku to rid them out. There are also broken TV sets scattered around the Junkyard. After the events of the story, the player has the chance to battle and jack the Sludge Hero.

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