Many fans have created their own Crash Bandicoot games, but some of them have an impact strong enough to be mentioned here.

Crash Chaos

Crash Chaos is game where Crash has to collect all of the Energon Spheres (which appeared in Crash Twinsanity) in the game. The game also has a crate labeled with Wumpa Whip. Breaking this would make him go faster.

Crash Bandicoot: Crystal's Wrath

Crash Bandicoot: Crystal's Wrath is a fan game created and developed by two YouTube channels: PatStrikesBack (originally PatReviewKid) and jumpbuttonCM. The game is currently being developed and is currently based off of (or in the style of) Crash Twinsanity, however it has been linked to having warp rooms much like the original Crash games. The game is currently being developed, and is having a lot of development trouble, according to PatStrikesBack. It will include Xbox 360 controller support (but it isn't required to play the game) and there is no official release date. Crash's model has been updated two times.

Crash Bandicoot Flash

Crash Bandicoot Flash is an arcade game found online which uses the characteristics of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. The game only has five levels and one boss; Ripper Roo. If the player manages to beat him they will get the super body slam ability. Ripper Roo throws TNT, iron crates, and Nitro Crates at Crash. If Crash spins back the iron crates he throws three times, he wins. The game also has some cheat codes which allow Crash to run faster and unlock more secret stuff such as the Fruit Bazooka.

Cortex Conquest 2

Cortex Conquest 2 is a fan-game created by HyperGolem and involves having to play as Doctor Neo Cortex to rescue her niece, Nina Cortex, from Doctor Nefarious Tropy and stopping him from sending Earth back in time to stone age with his new device called the Time Beam. The player can make Cortex shoot left, right, and upwards using his ray gun, which only has ammo if the player breaks an Ammo Crate. Cortex can also break Bomb Crates to get a bomb which can be used to destroy reinforced crates. There are 30 levels, each with a purple power crystal at the end (for the first 25 levels) and a hidden green gem. There are 6 warp rooms each with 5 levels and 1 boss level. Level types include, but are not limited to, jungle, swamp, desert, glacier and outer space. Cortex also has a health bar, which can be replenished by collecting Wumpa Fruit and a purple health fruit. There are also levels where Cortex needs to use his airship to get the crystal. In the airship levels, the player can shoot bullets to destroy flying nitro and health crates (which replenish health) and shoot homing missiles to destroy flying homing bombs. There are also Jetpack levels in the style of Crash 2.

The game did spawn a sequel, Cortex Conquest 3: Mutant Menace.

Crash Bash LIVE

Crash Bash LIVE is a fanmade remake of Crash Bash, developed by Team Nitro (BetaM, Aaron Pieries, Ashy666, Keon McKeon, Lurking Leanne, Mewsel, Mike Gomez, PolyG, Robokai, Smaz, XenoMind). According to the developer team, this remake will have:

  • More features, modes, a brand new story and online multiplayer
  • Over 40 unique arenas (including 20+ brand new ones!) and 5 bosses
  • Expanded roster to 10 characters (or more...), which are the same characters from the Original game, plus Crunch Bandicoot and Nina Cortex
  • Huge variety and competition with modifiers in Arcade Mode
  • Character Customization via Unlockable Costumes for each character

Currently, the game has a prototype, which has 6 characters (Crash, Coco, Cortex, Tiny, Dingo and Brio), 20 levels (Crate Crush, Medieval Mayhem, Ballistix and Polar Push levels, and 3 Bosses), including 14 levels from the original and 6 new levels, alongside Adventure Mode (placeholder Warp Room), Arcade Mode, Customization and other modes from the Original.

Crash N. Tense Adventure

Crash N. Tense Adventure is a fanmade game for PC that uses the gameplay formula from Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. It is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that includes all of the features from The Huge Adventure, including Time Trials and Super Powers, and features original level designs and a hand-drawn cartoony art style. It also has some new mechanics not featured in the official series, such as breakable crates that can be regenerated via a blue ! Crate. The game is compatible with the Xbox Controller, as well as certain other USB controllers. A release date has yet to be announced, but a demo of the game can be downloaded here.