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Machine Gunner
Machine Gunner
Attacks Fires bullets at Crash
Appearances Crash Bandicoot

Machine Gunners are genetically enhanced potoroos that work as henchmen for Don Pinstripelli Potorotti. Two only appear in the original Crash Bandicoot in the level, Cortex Power. Machine gunners will rise out of the ground when confronted and fire their two pistols they possess all over the room (but mechanically are aimed at Crash). They will then commence laughing and begin firing again. During their brief laughing spell, Crash has the opportunity to take them out with a spin or jump. In areas with machine gunners, barrel-shaped objects are lined along the wall for Crash to hide behind when bullets are fired.


Machine gunners take the appearance of classic gangsters of the 1930s to 1960s, similar to Pinstripe Potoroo. However, these enemies are more blandly dressed, with a blue suit, pink shirt, and red tie. They wear the signature hat of a mobster: the fedora. Each machine gunner holds two generic, silver handguns.


  • For whatever reason, once Crash has defeated a machine gunner, if Crash dies, that machine gunner won't be there when he reaches the spot again. This is unlike any other enemy in the game. In later Crash games, when Crash hits a checkpoint after defeating an enemy, that enemy won't be there anymore. However, with machine gunners, even if no checkpoint has been hit after defeating a machine gunner, it still won't be there anymore. It's not known if this was intended, or if it is a glitch.
  • Because of Pinstripe's gang/mob like design and personality, some have actually called them "Pinstripe's gang".


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