Game: Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure
Boxes: 111
Gems: Clear Gem
Relic Times: N/A
Previous level Final Countdown
Mega-Mix (だっしゅつせよ! lit. Run Out! in Japanese) is only fought in Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure as an extra boss of the game. To access the level, Crash must obtain all crystals and gems, as well as get a gold or platinum relic on every level, and then defeat Dr. Cortex.

Crash Bandicoot must escape Mega-Mix and the Planetary Minimizer. The level has a clear gem for breaking all the crates, but Crash doesn't have to break the boxes since Mega-Mix will break all of the boxes himself. The only way to complete the level and not get the gem is if Crash finishes the level before Mega-Mix reaches the last nitro crate. This level has no time trial.

Types of crates


Crash Bandicoot XS - 101% All Platinums Mega-Mix02:06

Crash Bandicoot XS - 101% All Platinums Mega-Mix



  • This doesn't really count as a boss, but in handheld games, chases count as bosses.

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