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Concept art.

Megalomaniac Mind Mania is a cut level from Crash Twinsanity where Crash must use the Psychetron to explore Cortex's memory to find the identity of the Evil Twins. This level would have featured the only sung song in the series, which would have been sung by Cortex.

Only one piece of concept art was released, showing a chase with a tank following Crash on a track with holes in it. The track is a Cortex head's tongue extending out. Some of the enemies would be Ugly Cortexes. This would probably have taken place after the Academy of Evil, as it is about discovering the Evil Twins' identity. This was first revealed by the lead concept designer of Crash Twinsanity's artwork, who was a member on Crash Mania, where it was revealed.

Song lyrics 

These lyrics were posted by Fake Nina on a Crash Mania trivia article. The song was never worked past this as the level was dropped very early in development.

I remember with dismay/ The mishap with evolvo-ray/ From the moment my machine went wrong/ It's been clear we don't get along/ You embody all that I despise,/ I'm sure that comes as no surprise./

Of all the creatures I'd created/ How could I've anticipated/ A bandicoot with special needs/ Would spoil all my evil deeds./

And just when things could get no worse/ Back from another universe,/ Twin parrots driven half-insane/ Returned with plans to steal my brain./ Two products of my selfish gene/ (The wreckage of a childhood dream)/ Have forced us to work as a team/

I've tried so hard to make amends/ And we've become -dare I say?- friends./ We've grown through adversity,/ And now you've seen the inner me/ You think old Cortex ain't so bad/ I'm sorry to say - you've been had.../


  • This would have replaced one of the ice levels.

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