Megumi is a female bandicoot responsible for handing out prizes to Doctor Neo Cortex, Doctor N. Gin, and Doctor Nefarious Tropy in Crash Team Racing. The epilogue of the game states that she unveiled a new line of perfume called "Eau De 'Coot", featuring the alluring scent of fermenting wumpa fruit.

Megumi is named after Megumi Hosoya who was the product manager and marketing manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Japan for the first three Crash games. According to the old Naughty Dog website: "Megumi Hosoya, marketing genius, created the Crash Dance for Crash 1's TV ads in Japan. The success of that campaign influenced Naughty Dog to incorporate the dance into Crash 2 and Warped." The other trophy girls are also named after people involved in the Naughty Dog games.

Physical Appearance

Megumi has sky blue hair and tail, along with orange eyes. Her white attire resembles that of a doctor's. She is often seen carrying a large white and sky blue striped umbrella.


Megumi makes a cameo in Dansu! De Jump! Na Daibouken when Crash daydreams about already saving the world and becoming irresistible.