Meteor Gorge (ゆきふり メテオきょうこく lit. Snowfall Meteor Gorge in Japanese) is the first race course of Barin and the fourth race track of the adventure mode in Crash Nitro Kart. It is always snowing in this track, however there is lava underneath the ground as shown when a racer misses a jump. The ice on the track will make the racers go faster, while the ice on the sides will make the them go slower. It is used in the Wumpa Cup and the Red Gem Cup (along with Inferno Island and Assembly Lane).

There is a shortcut near the end of the lap. In order to do this, the racer must jump to the left of the main path, onto a platform in the middle of a lava pit, and then back onto the main path.  This is the location of the letter K in the CNK Challenge. Strangely, the next track is already available when Barin is first loaded, meaning that players can complete the next track and then do this one.



  • Originally, this track was called Frozen Frenzy. The name was eventually given to the battle arena.
  • Originally this track had a wooden bridge which was near the end of the level.
  • Polar has the best "race the trial" time in this track, which in turn appears to be dedicated to him.
  • The track is very similar to the Crash Team Racing track Polar Pass, since they are both snow-themed races. Some obvious differences are that Meteor Gorge doesn't have any seals, or rather any animal obstacles, while Polar Pass don't have any lava underneath the track.
    • This track is also in some ways similar to Blizzard Bluff, another snow-themed race track from Crash Team Racing.
  • This track, along with Barin Ruins and Deep Sea Driving, makes unlocking Fake Crash and Pura much easier.
  • This is one of the only two race tracks from Crash Nitro Kart to have snow in it. The other one being Barin Ruins.
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