Mount Grimly is a dark, eerie, and filthy mountain introduced in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. It can be accessed through the Junkyard. It is a strange place inhabited by Grimlys, Znus, and Battlers. There is a cave at the top where Uka Uka is imprisoned. The Yuktopus has also made its residence up there: after story mode, Crash will encounter Stenches and Slap-Es as well as 3 portals leading to Wumpa Island, the Junkyard and Ratcicle Kingdom to where the player can get Uka Uka's bones from three of the Titan Heroes. The concept art pack for Mount Grimly is the Shadow Pack.


After the creation of the Grimlys, Cortex placed them here in order to milk bad mojo from Uka Uka. Upon learning that Crash and Aku Aku were coming, Cortex orders the Grimlys to stop them.


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