Mutated Cortex is the final boss in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. After drinking some of N. Brio's mutation formula, Dr. Cortex is mutated into a large, muscular giant. In this form he can throw balls of pure energy. He can also do belly flops that produce a large shock wave. To defeat him Crash has to use Grimly, a time mutant, to slow down time when he is using his Energy Tornado attack and then punch him as fast as possible.

After that, Crash must hijack Cortex, then spin Cortex around in the center on a circle to rise a certain point in the platform. Crash must then force Cortex to fall of the platform, defeating him.


  • Punch (light)
  • Kick (light)
  • Energy Tornado (special move)
  • Toxic Belch (heavy)
  • Toxic Guff (breath) (heavy)
  • Power Flop (jump)


  • When hijacked by Crash, Cortex has two extra abilities. For example, a toxic breath move.
  • He also becomes more ignorant in this form and can make mediocre tactical mistakes, so watch out for those.
  • At the end of the fight Crash will have to Power Flop a massive button to destroy the Space Head.
  • Mutated Cortex has the most hit points in the Crash series, at 36.
    • However, the Atmospheric Pressure boss beats this record by 64 (meaning that he has 100 hit points)

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