Crash with Coco and N. Brio about to destroy the Cortex Vortex with the laser beam.

N. Brio's laser installation is a device that Doctor Nitrus Brio invented to destroy the Cortex Vortex and get revenge on Cortex himself for taking credit of the Evolvo-Ray in Crash 2, and the N. Sane Trilogy. It only appears once in the entire series, and that is in the 100% secret ending of Crash 2. After Crash gets his first gem, a hologram of N. Brio tells Crash to not get the crystals, but to get the 42 gems instead, so he can destroy the Cortex Vortex once and for all.

Upon getting the 42 gems, another hologram of N. Brio appears, telling Crash that he is impressed that he collected the gems, and asks Crash to come see him. Then a tall tower of gems is seen, consisting of 38 clear ones and the 5 colored gems at the bottom, then the laser beam itself is seen with Crash, Coco and N. Brio. N. Brio asks Crash to "do the honors". Crash then lands on the button, and the laser beam shoots into the sky, destroying the Cortex Vortex once and for all. N. Brio uses the top of the Cortex Castle to set up his laser beam, although not in the 6th warp room. However, Brio’s plan unintentionally freed Uka Uka from his prison, when the blasted pieces of Cortex Vortex crashes to the temple where Uka Uka was sealed in, thus setting the event of Crash 3.


  • Since Bear Down was originally supposed to have an extra clear gem, there are 38 clear gems in the cutscene, as opposed the 37 obtained in the game. It is, however, possible that Brio had a clear gem of his own.