N. Tropy Clocks are race-exclusive weapons in Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart. They are bronze stopwatches that cause all opponents on the track to spin out and suffer a few seconds of speed reduction. During this period, the victims cannot pick up new weapons from ? Crates, nor can they use whatever weapon they were holding at the time. Juiced up N. Tropy Clocks make the speed reduction even longer. In Crash Team Racing, it will not affect racers who are using an Aku Aku/Uka Uka Mask or Power Shield (though the latter will still disappear), but in Crash Nitro Kart, it will penetrate both of these.



  • The N. Tropy Clock acts very similarly to the Lightning bolt from the Mario Kart series.
  • It is one of several weapons in CTR that can only be used by human players.