Norm is one of Emperor Velo XXVII's intergalactic champions and is one of the characters from Crash Nitro Kart. He can divide himself into two different characters, small Norm, his basic form, and Big Norm. Norm's home track is Out of Time and when he is racing, his big form lays down circular bubbles to slow his opponent down. His small form lays down square bubbles. In the Game Boy Advance version of the game Norm lays down TNT crates instead.


Small Norm wears a blue beret a striped turtleneck, and enjoys reading books, something Velo threatens to take away from him as punishment for losing a race. Small Norm sticks to the mime tradition by not speaking at any time at all, while his inner half Big Norm does all of the talking for him. Unlike his inner half, Norm doesn't enjoy racing and only does it because Velo tells him to. He doesn't tend to get to get on with Big Norm, since the latter loves to race and often gets into scrapes when the former doesn't cooperate with him. In spite of Norm's dislike for racing, he is actually a better racer than his inner half.

Big Norm

Big Norm is Norm's inner half. While Norm is the quiet, small, and well behaved mime that he is supposed to be, Big Norm is loud, obnoxious, and rude. He is cocky, and despite his actions, he is very confident. For example, upon meeting Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex, he doubted their chances of beating him and Norm, which indeed he was wrong and complemented a well fought race against them on the track. Team Bandicoot took the compliment and told him no hard feelings was met, but in Team Cortex's favor it was a sign of weakness and told him to "Go away, you filthy clown!" something that Big Norm did not take lightly.





  • The big Norm said that small Norm would let him race if he wore the mime outfit, giving the idea that big Norm isn't even a mime because he can talk and doesn't like wearing the mime clothes.
  • Besides Crash, Norm is one of three characters in the Crash series who doesn't speak at all: the others being Tawna and Koala Kong. Big Norm is a separate form of Norm therefore he doesn't count.