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Out of Time
Cnk out of time
Game: Crash Nitro Kart
World: Fenomena
Boss Race: Norm
Token: Red
Gem Cup: Green
Time Crates: 47
Relic Times: (Console version)
Sapphire: 2:35:00
Gold: 2:15:00
Platinum: 1:55:00
Ghost Times: (Console version)
N. Tropy: 3:04:22
Velo: 2:35:19
Previous Race: Deep Sea Driving
Next Race: Clockwork Wumpa

Out of Time (いけいけ とけいロード lit. Go! Go! Clock Road in Japanese) is the seventh race course and the first race track of Fenomena in Crash Nitro Kart. It is a desert-themed track that features a massive clock face in the middle of it. There is a massive sand pit at start and there are spring boosts rising up and down. Players must get onto one before it goes down to get across the sand pit. About halfway, players will drive across the big clock. Along the sides of the race track, Giant Sand Worms will pop up out of holes in the sand and eat up racers who get too close. Just before the finish line, there is a massive jump. If racers jump too high then they will hit a moving windmill. Fenomena's champion, Norm, is faced on this track.


  • In the GBA version Fake Crash can be found on this track.
  • It is used in the Green Gem Cup.
  • The track can be compared to the Crash Team Racing race track Dingo Canyon as they both involve racing on a desert road. An obvious difference is that Out of Time features a massive clock face in the middle of the track while Dingo Canyon does not.

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