The POW Crate is a cut crate from Crash Bandicoot. If spun, this crate would unleash several small fireworks that would break the surrounding crates. Crash cannot be hurt by this crate. This crate was only found in three levels of the prototype version of the game.

This crate might have been cut from the final version because of the similarity it has to a POW block, a block from the Mario series, but this block has a much different purpose than the POW crate. It might also have been cut because it doesn't serve much of a purpose, although one in Rolling Stones was in front of some awkwardly-placed crates over a pit which have since been removed, making it easier to break them.

It acts similarly to a TNT crate in the way that it explodes nearby crates except that it cannot hurt Crash. A few of the POW crates were replaced with TNT crates in the final version, but many POW crates were also just simply removed.


The crate appeared in the following levels:


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