Papu's Pyramid

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Papu's Pyramid
Game: Crash Team Racing
World: The Lost Ruins
Boss Race: Papu Papu
Gem Cup: Red/Purple
Time Crates: 48
Relic Times: Sapphire: 1:34:00
Gold: 1:09:00
Platinum: 0:42:00
Ghost Times: N. Oxide: 1:44:68

Papu's Pyramid is the home track of Papu Papu and is the seventh race course in Crash Team Racing. It and the battle arena, Rampage Ruins, are based upon the levels The Lost City and Sunset Vista (from Crash Bandicoot) as the faces on the side of the walls are the same as the ones on these levels. It is also where Papu Papu is raced in the game. It is in the Red (as well as Crash Cove, Mystery Caves, and Blizzard Bluff) and Purple (as well as Roo's Tubes, Dragon Mines, and Hot Air Skyway) Gem Cups. It is also in the Nitro Cup grand prix (as well as Mystery Caves, Cortex Castle, and Tiny Arena). Scattered throughout the course are Venus fly traps which devour racers that get too close.


This track has three shortcuts which can be very good to get players from last place to first place. All of them are in the second half of the track. The first and third shortcuts are demonstrated in the video below. The second is on the platform to the left of the jump after the first shortcut, where players can get extra wumpa fruit if they need it. It is very difficult to achieve both on the same lap.

CTR Challenge

  • C: After the first few Venus fly traps this letter can be found on the platform which the player will have to jump to make the gap.
  • T: This letter is on the end of the main pyramid which requires a leap.
  • R: Hidden round a tight corner near the end of the circuit.




  • It is possible to jump off a wall near the start and land at the finish line but the game will not count it as a lap.
  • The Venus fly traps have their Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back design.
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