Plug is a Titan in Crash of the Titans for the Nintendo DS.

They are mutant electric eels that can use their electrical powers to attack their opponents. They have green skin, a big orange sail in their back and wear red pants and purple boots with an "N" printed on each one.

Based on the ability to manipulate electricity, it is safe to assume that the species of origin of the Plugs is the electric eel.

Their special attack is to throw electric balls that home on enemies nearby.


  • Likes: Static Cling
  • Dislikes: Circuit Breakers
  • Height: 1 m
  • Weight: 35 kg


  • "I need more juice!"
  • "I have lightning reflexes!"



  • Despite the name, the electric eel is not an eel at all, but rather a knifefish, a snake-like bony fish.

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