Pogo Pandemonium is a mini-game genre in Crash Bash. Along with Medieval Mayhem and Crash Dash, it is a mini-game genre not to be in the boss rounds because there's only four of them with their mini-game genres. There are four mini-games: Pogo Painter, Pogo-a-Gogo, El Pogo Loco, and Pogo Padlock.

The objective of the game is to use jumping sticks to jump on squares to change them to the player's color. The player can collect speedy boots temporarily go faster or fire a missile to stun an opponent. The player can also take control of an opponent's route and keep jumping around until the time runs out. The cut Egyptian Pogo Pandemonium mini-game is the only known level from this mini-game genre to be cut out from the entire game.

In battle and tournament modes, the Pogo Pandemonium minigames are available from the beginning.


The following are the colors of the squares associated to the four players:

  • Player 1: Yellow
  • Player 2: Red
  • Player 3: Blue
  • Player 4: Green

Character Abilities


Pogo Painter

This is a classic pogo level without special obstacles. The player can pick up: missiles that stun the opponents, speedy boots who make the player very fast, and arrows color whole rows of squares.


This a particular pogo level. In fact, to score points, the player has to enclose figures that have the center with at least one non-colored square.  In this case, the center will change to the player's color and all of the player's squares will become points. In addition to speed boosts and arrows (some of which will color the entire row), there are two new items: the four way missile and the electro stun beam.

El Pogo Loco

In this level Ripper Roo comes in the arena periodically and lays out TNT or shoots missiles that stun the players. Sometimes Ripper Roo leaves a square (with four arrows in the four directions) that color in all four directions. If a player encloses an area, the center is colored. There are regular missiles and speedy boots also found in this level.

Pogo Padlock

This is the final pogo level. If a player hits an opponent with a missile, the player steals the opponent's square. There is also a padlock (which moves in the arena) that locks the player who picks it up's squares. There are also speedy boots. If a player lands on a square of his/her own color, the player's squares are lost, unless the player is carrying the padlock.


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