Polar Pass

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Polar Pass
Game: Crash Team Racing
World: Glacier Park

Gem Cup: Green
Time Crates: 38
Relic Times: Sapphire: 3:00:00
Gold: 2:33:00
Platinum: 2:05:00
Ghost Times: N. Oxide: 2:49:04

Polar Pass is the eleventh race course in Crash Team Racing. Like the race track Blizzard Bluff and the battle arena The North Bowl, it is based on the snow themed levels of Crash Bandicoot 2. It is Polar's home track and features seals as obstacles as well as many jumps and patches of ice. There is a wall that can be jumped over as well as several corners that can be cut. It features as the first race in the Crash Cup in the arcade and the Green Gem Cup alongside Roo's Tubes, Coco Park and Cortex Castle. The seal is the only enemy on Polar Pass which will cause racers to spin around if they hit them. A Polar Bear can be seen frozen in ice on this track that looks similar to the bears that chase Crash and Polar in Crash Bandicoot 2.

CTR Race

  • C: Between two icebergs near the start.
  • T: At the final leap.
  • R: Before the cavern it's on the series of jumps. However, if the player is Tiny or Dingodile they will simply fall off the edge.


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