The Polar Wall Jump Glitch is a glitch that can be performed on most walls, in all Polar levels, in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. This glitch works by making Crash go as far as he can right or left on a jump, when on top of Polar. When Polar jumps it is possible to quickly jump off the side of the wall, and land onto solid ground as if the edge of the wall was solid ground. This glitch does not work on all walls in the Polar levels, and to see if this glitch can be performed jump on the side of a wall, and see if Polar stays on it as if it were solid ground. If so jump quickly, because Polar will fall off after less then a second, if not the glitch does not work on that wall. This glitch works on most walls in Polar levels, but works on very few walls in the level Totally Bear. This glitch can be very helpful on long jumps.

Levels This Glitch can be Performed in

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