The Potion is a commonly used weapon in the Crash Bandicoot series.


The potion first appears in Crash Bandicoot 1. They are used by N. Brio in his boss fight. When he throws the green ones, they turn into mysterious blobs and act as a portion of N. Brio's health. He also throws red potions which explode. Later in the fight, he drinks the red potion which turns him into a muscular green person. They also act as the main weapon of the Lab Assistants in the level Slippery Climb, used in the same manner as N. Brio's red ones except these ones are purple.

The potion next appears in Crash Team Racing. They are commonly used by leading racers in CTR. If you get one when it's not juiced up, it appears green. When an unsuspecting driver hits it, it makes them spin around and slows them down to a halt. When juiced up though, it turns red and slows the driver down (but not completely). The driver drives at the same pace that an N. Tropy clock would and a black rain cloud appears and starts to rain on them.

The next appearance is in Crash Twinsanity. After being blown off N. Gin's ship, you enter a boss fight against N. Tropy and N. Brio on a small iceberg. N. Tropy tells N. Brio to "get changed" and he drinks a potion starts to act all funny. Then he does a back-flip into the water. N. Tropy disappears and then N. Brio appears as a monster. The most recent appearance is in Crash Mind Over Mutant.


As we have already found out, the potion can blow up, turn into blobs, and turn someone into a monster. The potion is a great weapon.


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