Wumpa Cup

The Cup Selection Menu in Crash Team Racing.

Racing Cups are tournaments in the Crash Racing Series that allow players to participate in a series of four races with an accumulating score for each race. At the end of the tournament, the racer with the highest score gets crowned the winner.


Racing Cups have appeared in every racing game except Crash Tag Team Racing.

Crash Team Racing

In this game, cups allowed for up to four players to race together with a total of eight racers. If every cup was won at a certain difficulty, a Battle Arena became available to use. Winning on easy difficulty awarded the player with Parking Lot, medium unlocking The North Bowl, and hard unlocking Lab Basement.

Wumpa Cup

This cup features the tracks Crash Cove, Tiger Temple, Blizzard Bluff, and Coco Park.

Crystal Cup

This cup features Roo's Tubes, Dingo Canyon, Dragon Mines, and Sewer Speedway.

Nitro Cup

This cup features Mystery Caves, Papu's Pyramid, Cortex Castle, and Tiny Arena.

Crash Cup

This cup features Polar Pass, N. Gin Labs, Hot Air Skyway, and Slide Coliseum.

Crash Nitro Kart

Cups made a reappearance in Crash Nitro Kart, where they functioned in a similar manner to the cups in Crash Team Racing. The main difference, however, is that these cups lack a fourth race.

Wumpa Cup

The easiest cup in the game. This cup features Inferno Island, Meteor Gorge, and Assembly Lane, the same set of tracks featured in the Red Gem Cup.

Uka Cup

The second-easiest cup. This cup features Jungle Boogie, Deep Sea Driving, and Out of Time, the same set of tracks featured in the Green Gem Cup.

Aku Cup

The second-hardest cup. This cup features Tiny Temple, Thunder Struck, and Android Alley, the same set of tracks featured in the Purple Gem Cup.

Nitro Cup

The hardest cup in the game. This cup features Barin Ruins, Clockwork Wumpa, and Electron Avenue, the same set of tracks featured in the Blue Gem Cup.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

The structure of cups in Crash Nitro Kart 3D is identical to the structure in Crash Nitro Kart expect for the return of a fourth track and the lack of a fourth cup. The letters C R A S and H can also be collected on certain tracks. Collecting these letters allows for the player to unlock a certain character.

N. Tropy Cup

The easiest cup in the game, and the first available cup in the game.

Wumpa Cup

This is the medium-class cup. The four tracks are Desert 2, Outer Space 2, N. Sanity Island 2, and Fairy 2. The C.R.A.S.H. letters are locared in Fairy 2, and they unlock Yaya Panda.

Aku-Aku Cup

This cup is the most difficult and challenging of any of the other cups in Crash Nitro Kart 3D.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2

This game, the sequel of Crash Nitro Kart 3D, also features four Racing Cup Tournaments with three tracks each.

Cup 1

This cup is the first cup available to the player in the game. It features the tracks Bandicoot Beach, Haunted Hovel, and Mayan Mayhem.

Cup 2

Unlocked by winning Cup 1, Cup two is slightly harder and features Wacky Volcano, Anarchy in Antarctica, Hellenic Hijinx, Lunatic Laboratory, and Cactus Capers.

Cup 4

Cup 4 is the final Racing Cup in the game, unlocked by winning every other cup. Tracks in Cup 4 include: Goofy Galaxy, Crazy in Kart-Mandu, and Stinky Sewers.


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