Rehab Lab concept art

Rehab Lab is a cut level from Crash Twinsanity. Upon entering the Tenth Dimension, Crash and Cortex's personalities are switched, turning Crash evil and Cortex good. This level would be a reversal of Doc Amok, called Mock-a-Doc, where Crash would have to hurt Cortex to return to normal.

What is known about this level is that it would be the only one where players would have been able to play as Evil Crash, or at least Crash looking similar to his alternate dimensional counterpart, if Evil Crash was a character by this point in development. There is also concept art of Crash dragging Cortex into a beam in the Unseen Gallery, and there is some known dialogue at the beginning of the level. According to FakeNina, there is a deleted scene of Evil Crash and Good Cortex preparing the Rehab Lab.



  • This would have been Evil Crash's first time as a playable character, although he would've just been the original Crash turned temporarily evil.