Rings of Uranus (ぐるぐるウラノス lit. Rotating Uranus in Japanese) is the thirteenth and shortest race course in Crash Tag Team Racing and the first race track in Astro Land. The characters race in a circle for nine laps. Nearly all of the targets here are stars.


Crash Tag Team Racing - Rings of Uranus07:20

Crash Tag Team Racing - Rings of Uranus

All challenges except Fast Lap


  • Uranus is red in this race track. However, in reality, it is a blue-greenish planet.
  • The music in this track is the same used for the intro sequence.
  • This is the only track in the game without any shortcuts.
  • This is the only track where there are only 9 laps.
    • However, the other tracks can be raced for 9 laps in multiplayer mode.
    • Likewise, this track can be raced for 3 laps through multiplayer.

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