Ripto's Magical Mystery Tour is a level containing the boss fight of Ripto and the 4th boss fight in Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage.


Players must shoot the solid bat and not the see-through ones. After Crash shoots the solid ones, the bats will disappear briefly, and Ripto will send out three fireballs. Stay in the middle of the screen and shoot rockets at him, then quickly dodge the fireballs. After two hits, Gulp. He can't be defeated and will shoot stuff down at Crash.

Crash's best bet is to stay at the bottom of the screen (bats can never reach him there) and keep shooting bombs to stop the geysers that appear on the bottom. Don't shoot a bomb when the bat is near Crash, though, because it will hit the bat. If Crash must shoot them, it should be when the bats are still on the far right and he's on the far left, so by the time the shots arrive near him they'll have spread out. Wait for the solid bat to appear then shoot it to make Ripto vulnerable again.



It only takes 3 hits to defeat Ripto, so try to save Aku Aku for when Gulp arrives.


  • The name is a pun of a Beatles movie called Magic Mystery Tour, famous for the song, I Am the Walrus, and the Beatles song Magical Mystery Tour.

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