Road Crash
Game: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Boxes: 25
Gems: 1 Crystal, 1 Clear Gem
Relic Times: PAL:

Sapphire: 1:25:00
Gold: 1:20:72
Platinum: 1:17:08


Sapphire: 1:25:00
Gold: 1:20:70
Platinum: 1:17:10
Developer: 1:15:53 (Shawn Dobbins)

Previous level High Time
Next level Double Header

Road Crash (じわれのハイウェイを ゴー! lit. On the cracked highway, go! in Japanese) is the fourteenth level and is the fourth level of the third warp room in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. The player once again rides a motorcycle and must win the race to get a crystal. There are some holes around sharp curves so the player will have to brake quickly.

Types of crates




  • The secret level, Hot Coco, is accessible from this level. Near the start, drive along the road slowly. Just after the first set of roadworks, an alien sign can be seen on the left; knock it over and Crash will be warped to Hot Coco.
  • All four motorbike levels take place at a different time of the day: Hog Ride (midday), Orange Asphalt (sunset), Road Crash (late night) and Area 51? (overnight).
  • This track is in fact a complete circuit which can be made obvious if the players miss the crates at the start, as they can be seen when they reach the finish line. The lab assistant racers continue driving past the finish line, so it is possible to get lapped.
  • This is the only level in the game where every single crate transforms into a time crate in time trial mode.
  • According to an unofficial guide, this level used to have 29 crates, instead of 25.
  • The name of the stage is a pun on the video game Road Rash.
  • The player object (Crash), usually by the name of "obj_willy", is actually called "obj_willy#you_f***" (albeit uncensored) in this level's file. These similar instances also happen to some enemies in Crash 3.

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