The Rock Crusher is a hazard that appears in the snow themed-levels in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Primarily appearing in the cavern portions of Snow GoSnow Biz, and Cold Hard Crash, the rock crushers act similar to the log crushers where they will try to squish Crash under the weight of the devices.

Unlike the log crusher though, their appearance is not so obvious. They will initially be hidden from Crash's view and will only pound on the ground when Crash gets close to them. This makes detecting them tricky for the player. However, one can distinguish them by the crack marks underneath the device. They will only pound down at Crash when he tries to run underneath, requiring Crash to time his movements while around them. If Crash is squished by one of the rock crushers, he will lose a life and go back to the nearest checkpoint. Normally, if Crash runs underneath them, he will make it through in time.  However, the rock crushers in the red gem path of Snow Biz pound down faster, requiring Crash to slide when running underneath.


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