Rocky Road (こうやの バランスいわ lit. Balance Rock in the Wilderness in Japanese) is the third battle arena in Crash Team Racing. It is generally an oval-shaped arena featuring a cliff edge that circles the entire arena. The cliff can be reached via ramps and bridges connected to a rocky center hill where the player is placed at the start of the battle/crystal challenge (this may be different in 3 or 4 player mode). This arena is set in Glacier Park directly across from Komodo Joe's challenge. The general theme of this arena is a rocky desert, similar to Dingo Canyon, except this arena does not feature any cactus, carcass bones, concreted road or water. Also, the sandy terrain of this arena reflects a slightly different color to Dingo Canyon.


  • Number of crystals: 20
  • Time limit: 1:20:00
  • Number of wumpa crates: 2
  • Number of weapon crates: 4


Rocky Road - CTR Challenge - Crash Team Racing - 101% Playthrough (Part 32)01:34

Rocky Road - CTR Challenge - Crash Team Racing - 101% Playthrough (Part 32)

Rocky Road - Video Walkthrough



  • Rocky Road has the shortest time limit of all the Crystal Challenges in Crash Team Racing.
  • The music theme of this arena is used for the credits in Adventure mode.
  • This level's name might be a reference to the ice cream flavor of the same name.
  • This level is considered the hardest Crystal Challenge of the game due to the amount of nitro crates and the short time limit.

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